Custody & Visitation

Our children are our most valued resources.  Ensuring that we maintain our right to be a vital part of their lives is so important, it is considered a constitutional right.  Whether you are involved in an ongoing divorce, or establishing paternity, navigating the legal system and protecting your right to be a part of your child’s life can be a complicated process.

If you are trying to keep your kids living with you (custody) or ensure that you remain a part of your children’s lives when they are not living with you (visitation), you have important legal rights and responsibilities that need to be protected and understood.

At The Law Office of Russell Yauney, family law is not just a part of my practice, it is the focus of my practice.  By allowing me to represent you, you will benefit from my experience and training, allowing you a much better chance at maintaining your right to be a vital influence in your child’s life.  Many rights and opportunities can be lost because of seemingly simple or unimportant mistakes.  You owe it to yourself, and your children, to contact an attorney who understands the legal processes that surround custody and visitation rights.

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